Ziphii has a vast array of services for a Government to digitally transform with more efficiency. You can know your Citizens and employees better, keep them safe online, and care for them easier while saving time and money.

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We Innovate around Ideas

Governments come to Ziphii with problems that need robust solutions. No matter what the problem is, there's an innovative and safe solution in Ziphii.

We'll help you:

  • Engage with your citizen and employees
  • Provide for your employees better.
  • Give better and safer access to what you already offer online
  • Keep citizens and staff safe online.
  • Prevent fraud
  • Help those in need and fight poverty
  • Deepen the relationship with citizens and employees 
  • Expand safely what you can offer to them online. 

Options for Organising Identity Profiles

Whether it's to simplify authentication or just clean up payroll, a government can find a solid response in Ziphii.

Our CAPTIVO product provides:

  • Easy access, Cloud based register
  • Restricting unauthorised online access
  • Real time identity verification
  • Easy payroll integration
  • Time attendance management
  • Clean up your payroll
  • Prevent double dipping from ghost workers.
  • Eliminate financial crimes, leaks.

Options for Payroll

Ziphii's XTHA product gives you all you need to handle payroll and remove the need for separate software. You can view, approve and disapprove batch transactions to payroll.

You can:

  • View individual transactions to batch
  • Disapprove transactions and provide reasons
  • See and select to view all events for the month
  • View unbatched transactions before payroll
  • See processed transactions
  • Generate payroll
  • Rollback payroll
  • Download reports
  • Prep files and upload files

Options for sustainability

SAHEL is a social information management platform for governments to spend less while getting more citizens out of poverty and socially protected.

It enables governments to:

  • Identify and categorise who needs help quicker and easier
  • Reach more of the people in need without friction. 
  • Provide enhanced, more inclusive access to bank accounts
  • Save money by removing needless administrative costs
  • Provide a fraud-free social benefit program.
  • Prevent fraudulent charity fund diversion 
  • Capture and create digital identities remotely for those in need. 
  • Use a robust social information management platform

Options to expand Government services online

If your Citizens or employees are already enrolled but you want to offer more services to them remotely. PASS 4 iAccounts is the answer.

It gives you:

  • Safer, identity verified appointments that would normally require a physical visit
  • Device agnostic digital identity checking
  • Fast and Easy liveness Check
  • High performance and accuracy - Regardless of the conditions
  • Fraud prevention
  • Improve citizen and employee trust and mitigate harm.
  • Stop credential sharing
  • Duplicate user and Fraud group checks
  • No Risk of a honeypot - liveness data is deleted. 

Coming soon

Watch out for our pending products - We innovate fast, so keep refreshing that browser - you may just find another one added. 


Monitor multiple bank accounts with large data sets in a single dashboard


handle complex workflows in a user friendly dashboard. 


create a marketplace for your employees with discounts and payment terms